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You'll be spending MUCHO time with your videographer (and photographer!) on your wedding day, so it's vital you make sure you vibe with these vendors. Read on to see what I'm like on paper. Then, connect below so we can grab a drink so I can learn all about YOU! 

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foundational facts: 

hobbies currently include:

river surfing, snowboarding, flag-football, rollerblading, mountain biking, aunt-ing, filming + photographing 

boise is homebase, but Minnesota + Florida

 are my second homes. I was born and raised in Minnesota, but many of my family members recently relocated to Florida (can you blame them?) 

If challenged, I will oblige to all dance-offs 

listen, my feet are always keen to boogie and move

good food + good wine + great company =

my good times philosophy & the explanation behind my social media name, @charcoochi_liv. I love building charcuterie (charcoochi) spreads for my friends and for strangers, there's nothing better than telling stories and connecting with others with cheese at the center of it all 

Favorite bevvy: Espresso Martini, pickle beer, or chocolate milk 

 hey, I like what I like  

During my time in Boise, I worked two different office jobs--one in the medical industry and the other in the renewable energy industry. While both areas were fascinating, they weren't nearly as fulfilling as the video projects I continued to squeeze in when I could 

2020-2023 - ID

Quit my office job in March (2023) to work full-time for myself filming weddings, creating content for small businesses, and building charcoochi boards. As humans, we're always changing and adapting, but for now I can say I'm exactly where I need to be--nurturing my playful side and finding balance between work I'm passionate about and my physical/mental health. 

Today - ID

Saw a stranger's wedding film and cried. Researched a ton (thanks Youtube), bought my first camera and filmed a friends wedding. Continued to book weddings throughout college 

2017 - MN

Graduated University with a teaching degree, and shortly after, went to Zimbabwe for a film/photo internship with a safari company and affiliate medical non-profit 

2019 - ZW

When the p@ndemic hit, I left Zimbabwe to work on a ranch in Montana for a few months before moving to Boise, ID --where I currently reside--to work my first corporate job 

2020 - ZW/MT/ID 

all are welcome here, your love is beautiful and seen

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